Our Kin is our Force and in our work we focus on what truly matters: People and Technology. Straight to the Point.

We believe in the power of the people

Our Kin covers a diverse range of experts with multiple talents. The only way we know to welcome our clients is at eye-level, at one table, connected through smart hybrid ways of working. Having built up our experience in multiple large consulting companies over the past decade, we can now use this strong foundation to bring our own spin to the business.

We support customers that range from start-ups to medium sized and large corporations to build the basis for a better Customer Experience. We believe that Power and End Users are your true strength – and we want to engage them in the process. From Project Management to trainings, to transparent and inspiring internal communication.

Since Kinpoint’s beginnings we have already supported numerous clients from multiple industries, such as Esprit, Grohe, Dekra, Connex and many more who we thank for their trust and meaningful co-work.

Meet the Team

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