Motivate and enable your Team to make sure your Implementation is both successful and accepted within your company.

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From workshops that define the purpose and benefits of your implementation, to the setup of communication roadmaps and the design of specific assets, we support your internal communication with diverse creative activations that enable and motivate your teams to deliver at their best.

Strategic Purpose + Stakeholder Workshops

Purpose Workshop
The vision and purpose of your implementation are the basis for any internal communication format, so that teams can understand the need for the implementation and foster acceptance, motivation and consistency in messaging.

Stakeholder Workshop
Depending on the size of your company and implementation team, we recommend a stakeholder/target group workshop at an early stage, to identify all relevant employees and their desired level of activation.

Communication Roadmaps

Communication Roadmap
Once all relevant information is collected such as the purpose of your implementation, the vision your are striving for, the stakeholder/target group overview and their desired activation level, we will create an activation roadmap that layouts different possible activation formats that layout a flexible and transparent internal communication.

Support for creative activations

Designing your creative assets
Benötigen Sie weitere Unterstützung durch ein professionelles Designerteam? A videographer or podcast experts? Ask us about design- and production-related support.

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